JAY KANESHIROVice President — Hawaiʻi

    Jay Kaneshiro is a hard working, dedicated team member who often puts the needs of others before his.

    He was initially employed by Desert Island Restaurants as a busboy. While many people come and go from this position, this was just the beginning for Jay. From here, he began his impressive rise through the ranks to his current position of Vice President – Hawaiʻi. Jay’s progression within the organization is due to his relentless pursuit and achievement of excellence, recognized by winning the Ruth’s Chris Leadership Team of the Year Award in 2009. He credits the influence of Desert Island Restaurants’ Robert Snyder, former President and Chief Operating Officer, and Randy Schoch, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, for helping him learn the business. But, it is really due to Jay’s analytical mind, keen observance and direct communication style which has helped him progress with such success. These characteristics have guided Jay through growth and adversities of the business.

    Throughout his years with Desert Island Restaurants, the most important lesson Jay learned is the value of teamwork; as much as you may want to, you can’t do everything by yourself.