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Aloha is not just a word in the Hawaiian culture it is truly a way of life.  In addition to meaning “hello,” “goodbye,” and “love,” it can also mean the joyful sharing of life energy.  This is the way Desert Island Restaurants not only does business, but it’s the culture they want to maintain and foster with their guests and employees alike.

This feeling began when founder Randy Schoch was a General Manager with Nick’s Fishmarket in Hawaii.  As a young man he was so excited for the opportunity he had there that he eventually managed to buy the business outright.  This was not his only venture, as he eventually opened the Black Orchid restaurant and nightclub as well as the Ruth’s Chris Steak House franchise in Hawaii.

Randy managed to take everything he learned about the “aloha” lifestyle and culture and bring it here to the mainland.  That is when Desert Island Restaurants was born.  From there, the business adventure continued to grow.  There were more Ruth’s Chris Steak Houses to follow, along with Romano’s Macaroni Grill and eventually Ling & Louie’s Bar and Grill.

For each restaurant that opened, the concept was the same:  Make the food exceptional and the service even better.  Bringing that “aloha” spirit to life each and every day.  That means welcoming each guest that enters into the restaurant warmly as if they have now become part of the family.  That warm, welcoming spirit then transfers into the wait staff who greet guests with a smile and supply tremendous service to boot.

When it comes to the restaurant atmosphere, service is key, but it is certainly not the whole package.  The food must be the freshest quality with flavors to match.  At Ruth’s Chris Steak House, guests are treated to top quality meat and seafood still served in a manner that people have grown accustomed to through the years.  Steaks are delivered sizzling in butter to the table and so tender and tasty that guests continue to come back for more.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill is no exception.  With a more family-like atmosphere people want and expect the same great service and food that has become synonymous with all of Desert Island Restaurants.  With each meal guests are transported to Italy with fresh pasta and ingredients that combined make a delicious treat for everyone.  Guests of all ages enjoy the atmosphere and food so much that this has become a regular spot for people to celebrate a special occasion or simply come to enjoy great food.

With Ling &  Louie’s Bar and Grill, the marriage of east meets west continues.  Asian influenced dishes are served along with a side of smiles.  The restaurant’s theme of being “not for boring people” is not only evident in their cooking, but their specialty cocktails as well.  People know that Ling & Louie’s will provide them delicious food in an atmosphere where fun and smiles are welcome.

It’s amazing to think that a culture that was introduced to a man in his early 20’s still continues to be vital today.  Randy Schoch wouldn’t have it any other way.  He wants people to be treated like family when they enter any of his restaurants.  So the next time you’re in enjoying one of the great meals at any of these locations, remember that “aloha” spirit in which it was served and pass it along when you leave.

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