We have the same goals as any other restaurant does: to serve you high-quality food and give you exceptional customer service! Whether it’s at Romano’s Macaroni Grill or Ling & Louie’s, we strive to make your dining experience great every day!

Part of making our restaurants great is making sure we have a top-notch appearance! Have you ever gone to a restroom at another restaurant and notice it’s not up to standards? At Desert Island Restaurants, maintaining a clean and sanitary restroom is a top priority. We’re very big into attending to every little detail from the food on down. If you see a clean bathroom that’s also a good indication the rest of the restaurant is clean, including the kitchen.

Of course, you expect good service when visiting a restaurant. We don’t want to seat you and then have you wait awhile before someone takes your order. You are our priority when you visit one of our restaurants and we expect our staff to be very attentive to you! You should receive friendly and efficient service at all of our restaurants. We expect nothing less!

Exceptional food is probably the main reason you like to keep going back to a restaurant. In addition to taste, the presentation is very important as well as the timing of when salads, appetizers and entrees arrive. No one likes to be rushed through a meal. The delivery of dishes should be spaced out comfortably so you can enjoy each course without rushing.

After you’re done eating one of our amazing meals we like to clear empty plates from your table as soon as possible. We also try not to pick-up plates too soon before you’re finished. Timing is important in this arena, as well. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you’re being rushed out the door.

These are all elements we instill in all of our Desert Island Restaurants to exceed expectations and make sure that you, our guest, have an amazing experience!