GREG SMITHDirector of Operations and Corporate Executive Chef – Asian Brands

    Greg Smith is a genius when it comes to back-of-the-house restaurant operations, working tirelessly to deliver top-notch, memorable experiences to his customers.
    When he took the job as a part-time cook for Desert Island Restaurant’s back in 2002, he decided he never wanted to look for another job again, and with his exceptional talents and work ethic, he has quickly risen throughout the ranks of the company. Currently, as the Director of Operations and Corporate Executive Chef, in addition to excelling in prepping, cooking, research and development, and recipe creation, Greg stands out because of his mentoring skills. A large part of his day actually involves teaching. Along with expanding his team members’ restaurant skills, Greg also preaches kindness and respect, lessons Greg believes are just as valuable to impart as the restaurant skills. With his patience and dedication to pleasing his restaurants’ guests, Greg is a vital member of the Desert Island Restaurants team.