JOHN BANQUILDirector of Brand Development

    John Banquil is a passionate individual with a desire to create memorable experiences for all guests. While much of John’s passion lies in working with the products he serves, his key to excellence has always been his focus on people. His careful eye for the guests’ preferences, combined with his ability to lead a tight-knit staff, have proven successful at every stage in his career.

    John began his tenure with Desert Island Restaurants in 2008 as an Assistant General Manager, then he quickly moved into a General Manager role. With Desert Island Restaurants, John has lead the service training teams during several restaurant openings, helped create numerous successful restaurant promotions, and has led the charge in developing many innovative beverage programs. His ability to weave together a great sense of branding, training, menu development and layout, and restaurant operations have lead John to his current position as Director of Brand Development. In this position, he uses his unique skills to continually improve the guest experience and keep Desert Island Restaurants on the cutting edge of the hospitality business.