ROBERT WARDVice President of Finance and Accounting

    Bob Ward is one of those individuals who possess the right combination of expertise and personal characteristics that it takes to be a successful accountant.
    Bob has spent much of his career applying his technical knowledge, management skill and integrity serving manufacturing and construction industries but has found that his background in internal and external financial reporting has prepared him for his position as VP of Finance and Accounting with Desert Island Restaurants. Throughout his career, Bob has developed a professional yet relaxed manner which served him well as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Cavco Industries, Inc., Chief Financial Officer for Aero Automatic Fire Sprinkler Company and Controller of Arizona-based Pulte Building Systems, LLC. With Pulte Building Systems, Bob was responsible for 55% of the construction costs of Pulte Homes Arizona Operations, analyzing and determining the time it takes to build a home and helping to reduce carrying costs. In this position, he was one of the key team members who implemented an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which Pulte put in place to integrate internal management information. Coming from a highly regulated industry such as construction, Bob has learned to thrive within the great demands of this industry, following very set procedures and reporting to a corporate structure.

    Despite all of his experience, when he began at Desert Island Restaurants, Bob’s approach was to first thoroughly learn about the restaurant business, and, only then, begin to make suggestions for improvement. Desert Island Restaurants is fortunate to have someone on our team with his skills who comes in every day with a great sense of humor and the ability to keep things light even if there are stressful situations.