Tips to Being a Better Restaurant Manager

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It is no easy task to run a restaurant! The restaurant business is a fast-paced environment in which managers are forced to constantly think on their feet and make decisions on the fly. With the ever-changing landscape of culinary and restaurant trends, there are some things that you can do to not only run a successful business, but keep your staff motivated as well.  We all know that keeping a staff happy and motivated will lead to good customer service for your guests.

One of the biggest things for a manager to do is to motivate.  Most restaurants do not pay high wages to their servers since they receive tips for their work.  As a manager you must come up with other ways to keep your staff motivated to not only do good work, but to keep guests happy.  Some simple things you can do is to remember and recognize special occasions.  Remember employee’s birthdays or the anniversary of when they started.  Make them feel appreciated more so on those days.  Say ‘thank you’ when they do something good.  Yes, as a worker you should always put your best work forward, but sometimes a ‘thank you’ goes a really long way.  Ask your employees for feedback and act upon it.  You may not see every single thing that is happening in the restaurant.  Your employees can be the eyes and ears for your place and help you improve upon things.

Another sign of a good leader is to set up training programs.  Just because someone starts off as a server doesn’t mean they always want to be a server.  Offer opportunities to learn other positions within the restaurant.  That can be anything from learning how to bartend.  Maybe it’s teaching people to be a shift leader.  Perhaps it’s teaching them some managerial duties to help out If a manager is sick or absent.  Training an employee in other areas shows them they are valuable to you and you want them to stay as long as possible.  One of the biggest reasons people leave jobs is they become bored.

Learn how to handle or manage stress.  Restaurants can be a very hectic environment.  People are yelling their orders in.  Things go wrong.  Customers will complain.  Whatever the cause is people are looking to you to see how you handle things.  No one wants to see a manager who is frustrated, yelling or losing their temper.  The best types of managers are those who can keep their cool and go with the flow.  Managers who can think quickly and jump in with a solution are always the best type.  If that means you need to disappear into an office to calm yourself for a few minutes or step out a backdoor, do it.  Do what you need to try and stay as calm as possible and show that you lead by example.

No one said managing a restaurant was easy, but if you show people that you are a good solid leader than good employees will follow your lead.  No one wants to work for a place where a manager is always losing their cool.  If you treat employees with respect and loyalty they will give that back to you and work for you longer than most.

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