What Makes A Great Restaurant

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There is a lot of competition in the restaurant industry. Each has the same goal: to serve high-quality food with service that will keep guests coming back for more. Those are principles that we here at Desert Island Restaurants strive for daily. Which makes us wonder, what makes a restaurant great?

Here are some things that you as a consumer should always be on the lookout for. One of the biggest things to look out for in a restaurant is something that is not out in the open. Check the bathrooms! A clean bathroom is not only a sanitary issue, but it also shows that the people who work there pay attention to every little detail. A clean bathroom will also indicate that the whole restaurant, including the kitchen, is just as clean and tidy. This is especially important when you are visiting a restaurant that people classify as “special occasion” restaurants. If the price tag is high but the restroom is unkept, chances are the lack of cleanliness has spread elsewhere.

Next up is the service. There is nothing more irritating to a guest than to be seated and having to wait a while for someone to come over to greet them or begin taking their order. Yes, servers get busy, but a good restaurant will know how to manage their server’s tables so that they are not overwhelmed. Great service should include friendly and attentive servers who go out of their way to anticipate your needs as a guest and add a personal touch to your experience.

Great service also includes how the food is delivered to the table. No one likes it if they get their salad and within minutes, their entrees arrive. The meal should be spaced out comfortably to allow people to enjoy each course. That is a combination of a server who knows how to put in each portion of the meal properly and a kitchen staff that knows how to time prep and cooks time for each meal. Nothing can be more off-putting to a guest more than to have barely begun on a salad and have their main course served. It can also be a problem to have a large party of people and everyone at the table is served and one person is left waiting. A well-trained staff that works together will keep this from happening and make sure that your food and drinks come to the table accordingly.

Cleaning up is just as important as delivering the plates. No one wants to be left feeling bad because they either have an empty plate in front of them or their plate was cleared too soon. Timing is important there as well. There is a delicate balance on how long an empty or dirty plate should sit in front of a guest. You don’t want your plates cleared too soon and others are still eating and made to feel like they should “hurry up.” You as a guest should never be made to feel like you are being rushed out the door. Guests should also not be subjected to sitting there with an empty/dirty plate in front of them. Observant and attentive servers will clear tables quietly and efficiently, making sure their guests always feel comfortable.

Of course, all of these things are moot if a restaurant is not consistently delivering fresh food that tastes great. These are just the finishing touches that will make a good restaurant great. These are all elements we instill in all of our Desert Island Restaurants to exceed expectations and make sure that you, our guest, has an amazing experience!

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